How Do I Apply For An Apartment/Office Space Rental?

Send us an Email or give us a call. Our dedicated staff is more than happy to assist you with any inquires you may have.

How Long Does The Application Process Take?

Time is of the essence. Our staff works hard to answer all applications within 24-48 hours.  

Who Is Responsible For Repairs?

The landlord is responsible for maintaining the rental property. However, it is the tenant's responsibility to submit maintenance requests for suite repairs.

When Is My Rent Payment Due?

All rent payments are due at the first (1st) of each month.

Do I Need My ID When Applying For An Apartment Rental?

Yes, as part of the application process, we must confirm your identity.

What Is A Lease Agreement?

A lease agreement is a legal contract governed by the rules of the RTA that us signed by both the tenant(s) and the landlord. It outlines all the rules to which both parties must comply. Pease make yourself familiar with yours.