Capital and Asset Management

Who Are We?

Frastell Associates Inc. (FAI) is the Capital and Asset Management arm of the Frastell brand and has been providing clients with more than 30 years of continued asset growth and success.

As a boutique asset management company, we have built our reputation on providing our clients with a fully-integrated management service that gives them the maximum safety possible for their capital and a secure, long-term return. As of 2020, we currently manage real estate and liquid assets in Canada worth in excess of $500 million.


What We Can Do For You

At FAI, we handle every aspect of your capital investment while protecting and maximizing its value potential.

Advisory and Consultation Services

Successful investments require objective, well-informed guidance. We offer advisory services for the following:

  • Direct property acquisition (vacant land, residential buildings, commercial/retail complexes)
  • Structuring financial and legal frameworks for new or existing buildings
  • Development conception and proposal for new structures
  • Data collection and real-time performance reporting
  • Property management and preventative maintenance strategies

We work with a trusted network of industry professionals, coupled with our in-house asset and market specialists, to provide the most concise and objective consultation service possible.


Our established reputation, ability for quick action, detailed knowledge of client preferences and access to substantial equity generates a consistent flow of investment opportunities from brokers, owners and developers across Canada.

Our "due diligence" entails the examination of every aspect of a property's present and future value, including:

  • Physical Condition
  • Term, conditions and performance of each lease
  • Legal review
  • Cash flow

Our product is a well-informed, objective opinion. If the target property meets our clients objective, we proceed with negotiations, guided by our clients investment criteria.

Asset Management

When clients invest their capital with us, we assist in designing a legal structure tailored to their individual preferences. Once legal status of the holding is established, we provide the following comprehensive management services:

  • Representation vis-a-vis all government authorities and agents, lawyers and auditors as needed
  • Filing, storage and safekeeping of Corporate and Accounting records/documents
  • Preparation of financial statements and tax returns
  • Maintenance of cash balances and investment of surplus funds

We issue our clients monthly performance reports as well as financial statements upon request. 


Have Property In Need Of Management?

Are you looking for a property management company that puts your interests first? Worried your current management solution is not maximizing your asset's revenue potential?

Whether you have a residential building, office and retail space or even vacant land, we can provide the management solution best tailored to your needs. Use the links below for more information or Contact Us to get started.

Residential Property Services

Commercial Property Services