I absolutely love where I live. The location is great, the building is well maintained and the staff are amazing!
Jane S.
I lived in another apartment building for a few years and I hated it. The building was in poor condition and the staff were no where to be found. Finally decided to move into a Frastell building and I couldn't be happier! Staff are attentive and caring and the building is practically brand new.
Sabrina M.
First apartment in Toronto and i'm happy with my choice. Staff are always there to help and the other residents were so welcoming. I'm glad I made the right choice.
Samantha C.
I looked at about a few dozen apartments in Toronto before I decided to move into 55 Erskine Ave. What really stood out to me was how nice the building was. The apartments were clean and well taken care of and the building itself is in great shape. Glad I chose to live here.
Robert P.
I've lived in a few apartments around Toronto and never had a good experience. Finally moved into 21 Mayfair Avenue and I couldn't believe the difference. Staff that are actually helpful and tenants who are great to live beside.
Peter A.
I've been living in a Fratsell building for many years and have no complaints. The staff are caring people who are always available and the building is in perfect shape. Don't plan on moving anytime soon, love this place!
Matthew F.