Our Property Management Service

Freastell Property Management Inc. Residential portfolio has been continuously growing throughout the last twenty years. Today our portfolio features a diverse array of rental properties situated in the greater Toronto Area and Ottawa

We Start With the Best to Bring You the Best

  • Victor Lopez, President CEO, Heads our dynamic residential management team.Mr. Lopez is backed by a motivated group of professionals, each with a proven track record in his or her field of expertise. Our staff if involved in all levels of low-rise and multi high-rise management.


We Take a Personal Approach to Property Management

  • Our property managers regularly visit the buildings and interact with on-site personnel and tenants to establish great communications. As well, our tenants can reach us 24 hours of the day through our automated phone lines and our afterhours answering services.


Accurate Reporting and Budgeting

  • Our monthly operating reporting system is above industry standards and provides concise, accurate and detailed information important to our clients. In addition, our fully integrated and highly advanced software system enables us to develop detailed and up-to-date forecasts.


Purchasing Power

  • We ensure our suppliers are regularly reviewed and evaluated for price, product quality, delivery and reliability.


Investment Protection

  • We ensure insurance coverage of residential properties is firmly in place and arranged by one of North America's largest insurance brokers.


Preventative Maintenance Planning

  • We regularly inspect all residential properties to document the condition of each building and offer precise and timely updates to our clients.


Our Commercial Services

Our seasoned management team provides full marketing, property leasing, maintenance, property management and reporting services including:


  • Client consulting and marketing services which involves a thorough market analysis and the development of a strategic plan that satisfies clients investments needs                   
  • Preparation of annual reports and timely and accurate monthly operating reports  (Using the Yardi accounting software which is above industry standards)
  • Regular review and evaluation of our suppliers and contractors for price competitiveness quality workmanship, delivery and reliability
  • Management of all administrative contracts and leasehold  improvements
  • Management and maintenance of all tenant leases, offers to lease and related administration
  • Preventative maintenance program which include regular on-site inspections   
  • Open tenant communication and accessibility which include 24/7 phone access via automated phone lines and after-hours  services